I have just finished a culinary training session in Colonial Anglo-Indian Dishes for the chefs and staff at THE OBEROI Mumbai. The Oberoi Mumbai is holding a Food Promotional Event showcasing the culinary legacy of the Colonial Past. With my knowledge and expertise in Colonial Cuisine, we recreated and brought to life forgotten foods and simple dishes of yore that were innovated and invented by the khansamas and cooks in those early days of the Colonial period.

The rustic and robust flavours of dishes that were served by the cooks at the Dak Bungalows and Inspection Bungalows to the British Officers while on their official tours across the country such as the Dak Bungalow Chicken Curry, the Dak Bungalow Chicken Stew, Junglee Pilaf, Etc.

The hearty Army Camp Soups and Curries that came out of the innovation and efforts of The Bengal Lancers Unit made famous by Col Skinner and Maj. Grey.

The delicious Railway Lamb and Chicken Curries and the Cutlets that were first served on the Great Indian Peninsular Railway also known as The Blue Train that began its three day journey from Bombay’s Victoria Rail Terminus to Calcutta via Allahabad for the first time on 7th March 1870 covering a total distance of almost 4000 miles. Then the East India legacies of mulligatawny soup, lamb chops, roasts and bakes, Bread and Butter pudding and steamed ginger pudding, besides other dishes associated with British colonial cooking such as Kedegeree (the anglicised version of kichidi, a rice dish cooked with pulses then mixed with smoked or fried haddock and quartered hard boiled eggs), Fish Cakes and Rissoles, Potato Chops and Pantras, Cutlets and Croquettes (pronounced Cutlas and Crockit by the Colonial Servants).

The Portuguese legacies of Vindaloo and Tangy Curries and Sweets, the Dutch Fish and lamb Mince Friccadels and not forgetting the French connection of Chicken in red wine, crumbed fried stuffed crepes and many, many more old dishes such as Grandma’s Country Captain Chicken, Hussainy Curries, Glassy, etc.

The very names of these ‘Dishes with History’ evoke nostalgia and a longing for the old Colonial way of life. The recipes for all these dishes are featured in my Recipe Books. This is a small explanation on Colonial Cuisine.

Sharing a few of the dishes and many happy moments. My sincere Thanks to Chef Parvinder Singh Bali, Chef Satbir Bakshi and all the staff. I had an awesome experience with all of you. I wish your event every success

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