A Collection of Simple Anglo-Indian Recipes Cover
A COLLECTION OF SIMPLE ANGLO-INDIAN RECIPES is a revised, consolidated version of four earlier Recipe Books of Bridget White, namely Bridget’s Anglo-Indian Delicacies, A Collection of Anglo-Indian Roasts, Casseroles and Bakes, The Anglo-Indian Snack Box &The Anglo-Indian Festive Hamper.
More than 350 Recipes of traditional, popular and well loved, Anglo-Indian Dishes have been specially selected from these earlier Cook Books and featured in this Omni-bus Edition. This single Consolidated Imprint of easy- to- follow Recipes features Soups, Pepper Water & Vindaloo, Curries & Fries, Roasts & Stews, Chops and Cutlets, Croquettes & Rissoles, Foogaths and Vegetarian Delights, Rice Dishes & Pilafs, Pickles & Relishes, Casseroles and Baked Dishes, Snacks & Short Eats, Nibbles & Finger food, Sweets & Desserts, Custards & Puddings, Christmas Cakes & Festive Treats, Curry Powders, etc.
The huge selection of Anglo-Indian dishes featured in this Cookery book will surely take one on a sentimental and nostalgic journey down memory lane of old forgotten Anglo-Indian Culinary Delights. All the old dishes cooked during the time of the Raj have now revived to suit present day tastes and palates. This Cookery Book would also serve as a ‘Ready Reckoner’ and a useful guide for teaming up dishes for everyday Anglo-Indian Meals as well as for festive and special occasions.
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It gives me great pleasure to bring out this new publication entitled ‘A COLLECTION OF SIMPLE ANGLO-INDIAN RECIPES’ which is a revised, consolidated version of 4 of my earlier Recipe Books, namely Bridget’s Anglo-Indian Delicacies, A Collection of Anglo-Indian Roasts, Casseroles and Bakes, The Anglo-Indian Snack Box and The Anglo-Indian Festive Hamper.

More than 350 Recipes of traditional, popular and well loved, Anglo-Indian Dishes have been specially selected from these earlier Cookery Books and featured in this Omni-bus Edition. The huge selection of Anglo-Indian dishes featured in this Recipe Book will surely take one on a sentimental and nostalgic journey down memory lane of old forgotten Anglo-Indian Culinary Delights. All the old dishes cooked during the time of the Raj have now been revived to suit present day tastes and palates. This Recipe Book would also serve as a ‘Ready Reckoner’ and a useful guide for teaming up dishes for everyday Anglo-Indian Meals as well as for festive and special occasions.

So what are you waiting for? Delve into this awesome collection and you’ll find simple and easy recipes for preparing your favorite Ox tail and Trotters Soups, Plain Pepper Water or Bone Pepper Water, Vindaloos and Curries, Devil Fries & Chops, Nana’s Special Duck, Chicken, Beef & Pork Roasts, Beef and Chicken Country Captain, Papa Pat’s Pork Chops, Mince Cutlets, Stews, Croquettes & Rissoles, Yellow Coconut Rice & Ball Curry, Junglee Palau & Vegetable Jalfrazie, Devil Chutney, Brinjal Pickle, Fish Padda and many more ANGLO-INDIAN DELICACIES.

Add that ‘Anglo’ touch to your meal by baking a simple and tasty Shepherd’s Pie, a Pot Luck Casserole, a Pork Mince Pie or any of the old ‘one dish meals’ that your grandma baked in your childhood. Choose the recipe for your favourite baked dish from
A COLLECTION OF ANGLO-INDIAN ROASTS, CASSEROLES AND BAKES. The very names of the dishes will make you drool. Round it off with a creamy Caramel Custard, Bread Pudding, Strawberry Flummery, Apple Grunt or any other lip-smacking Anglo-Indian Dessert or Sweet from the vast selection that has been featured.

Have a Party and serve your guests delicious Snacks, Short Eats and Nibbles from THE ANGLO-INDIAN SNACK BOX, that were the rage at ‘Parties, Soirees and Elegant Evening Gatherings’ in the olden days – all innovated and made famous by the Mogh Cooks of yore in the Tea Gardens in the Hills. Snack on Liver on Toast Squares, Scotch Eggs and Deviled Eggs, Cheese Straws, Mince Curry Puffs, Coconut Puffs, Mince Panthras, Fish Fingers, Fritters and a whole lot more,

What’s your favourite childhood Christmas memory? Do you associate Christmas with the smells, sounds and sights of the season? This Cookery Book aims at just that. The separate section on THE ANGLO-INDIAN FESTIVE HAMPER features recipes of all the old Anglo-Indian Christmas favourites such as the Traditional Christmas Cakes, Plum Cakes, Mince Pies, Fruit Cakes, Kalkals, Rose Cookies, Coconut Sweets, the Christmas Pudding, Bole Cake, Semolina Cake, Dodol, Beveca, Marzipan Sweets, Peanut Fudge, Cashew nut Fudge, , etc, etc. It will awaken long forgotten magical memories of childhood – Of the smell of the decorated Pine Christmas Tree in the Sitting Room, the enticing aroma of Christmas Cakes being baked, the Kalkals and Rose Cookies being fried and the aroma of the other Christmas Goodies being prepared in the kitchen by Mama and Nana – Memories of the whole family sitting round the dining table on “Kalkal Making Day” rolling the kalkals on the back of a fork or fighting to lick the left over cake batter in the mixing bowl will come flooding back. Recreate the Christmas of your childhood with these recipes of all the old Christmas Treats. Then to round off the festive spread, you could make your own home-made Grape and Ginger Wine.

The recipes in this book are simple and easy to follow and only easily available ingredients have been suggested. The easy-to-follow directions for preparing these old, popular, sumptuous dishes make cooking simple, enjoyable and problem-free. All the recipes in this Book are for 6 generous servings. If cooking for a smaller or larger number, the quantities should be adjusted accordingly.


A few tips on how to get the authentic taste of Anglo-Indian Dishes cooked by Grandma


1. The Army Camp Chicken Soup
2. Cock-a-Leekie Soup (Chicken and Leek Soup)
3. The Brown Sahib Beef and Vegetable Soup
4. Mutton / Lamb Breast Bone Soup
5. Chicken or Lamb Mulligatawny
6. Trotters Soup
7. Hearty Oxtail and Onion Soup
8. Red Lentil Vegetable Soup / Dhal Soup


1. Plain Pepper Water
2. Dol Pepper Water (Dhal / Lentil Pepper Water)
3. Bone Pepper Water
4. Horse Gram Pepper Water
5. Dry Shrimp Pepper Water


1. Typical Anglo-Indian Meat Curry
2. Mama’s Mango Chutney Meat Curry (Meat Glacey)
3. Meat Country Captain
4. Meat Vindaloo
5. Green Chillie Meat Fry
6. Anglo-Indian Ball Curry/ Bad Word Curry
7. Pusthole Mince / Dry Mince Fry
8. Snake Coy Stuffing Curry (Stuffed Serpent Gourd )
9. Typical Anglo-Indian Meat Fry
10. Meat Devil Fry
11. Meat Pepper Fry
12. Beef Pepper Steaks
13, Beef Masala Steak
13. Braised Beef Steak
14. Beef Tenderloin Steak
15. Beef / Veal Pepper Chops
16. Beef or Veal Masala Chops
17. Beef Grill
18. Railway Meat Curry
19. Meat and Dumpling Stew
20. Braised Ox Tongue
21. Hearty Ox Tail Stew
22. Liver Pepper Fry
23. Mince Potato Chops (Beef Mince and Potato Rissoles)
24. Calcutta Spicy Cutlets
25. Nana’s Beef Roast with Gravy
26. Beef Flank Roast
27. Beef Stroganoff – Anglo-Indian Style
28. Fried Beef Slices
29. Mutton / Lamb Crumb Chops
30. Mutton Curry (lamb Curry)
31. Mutton Fry (Lamb Fry)
32. Mutton Korma
33. Mutton / Lamb Green Gravy Chops
34. Mutton / Lamb Masala Chops
35. Pepper Mutton / Lamb Chops
36. Double Onions Mutton Curry (Mutton Dopiaza)
37. Slow cooked Mutton / Lamb Stew
38. Braised Lamb Shanks
39. Hot and Spicy Tripe Curry
40. Spicy Brain Fry

1. Chicken Jalfrazie
2. Chicken in Coconut Gravy
3. Chicken Pepper Fry
4. Hurry-Burry Chicken Curry (Jaldhi-Jaldhi Chicken Curry)
5. Inspection Bungalow Chicken Curry
6. Chicken Vindaloo
7. ‘Twice the Onions Chicken Curry’ (Chicken Dopiaza)
8. Country Captain Chicken
9. Chicken Dumplings Stew
10. Chicken and Vegetable Stew
11. Chicken Almorth Stew
12. Chicken Devil Fry
13. Simple Chicken Dry Fry
14. Tamarind Chicken Curry (Tangy Chicken)
15. Madras Chicken Curry
16. Crumb Fried Chicken
17. Braised Chicken Breasts
18. Roasted Chicken Breasts
19. Nana’s Slow Roasted Chicken and Potatoes
20. Chicken Potato Chops or Rissoles
21. Chicken Liver Pepper Fry
22. Simple Duck Vindaloo
23. Duck Stew in Coconut Milk
24. Duck Devil Fry
25. Nana’s Special Duck Roast

1. Simple Pork Curry
2. Pork Bhooni (Pork cooked with Dil leaves)
3. Pork Vindaloo
4. Tangy Pork Curry (Pork in Tamarind Gravy)
5. Papa Pat’s Pork Chops
6. Anglo-Indian Pork Roast
7. Simple Anglo-Indian Pork Fry
8. Pork Devil Fry
9. Devilled Pork Chops
10. Pepper Pork Spare Ribs
11. Pork Baffad
12. Pork Chillie Fry
13. Pork Pepper Fry
14. Spicy Pork Trotters Curry
15. Ham Roast

1. Mackerel or Sardine Vindaloo
2. Tangy / Sour Salmon Curry
3. Sardines in Tomato Gravy
4. Tamarind Fish Curry
5. Fish Moley (Fish Stew)
6. Simple Fish Curry in coconut milk
7. Fish and Green Mango Curry
8. Hot and Sour Salt Fish Curry
9. Simple Fried Fish
10. Fried Whole Fish / Pomfret or Mackerel
11. Fish Potato Chops or Rissoles
12. Calcutta Spicy Fish Cutlets
13. Tuna Fish Croquettes
14. Braised Fish Steaks
15. Simple Fish Cutlets
16. Fried Salt fish / Bombay Duck
17. Prawn Jalfrazie
18. Simple Prawn / Shrimp Curry
19. Prawn Vindaloo
20. Prawn Bhooni Fry / Prawns and Dil Leaves Fry
21. Spicy Prawns Fry
22. Prawn Fritters
23. Prawn and Potato Cutlets
24. Spicy Crab Curry
25. Green Masala Crab Curry
26. Simple Egg Curry
27. Egg Vindaloo
28. Egg and Brinjal (Aubergine) Curry
29. Egg Drop Curry or Poached Eggs Curry
30. Boiled Eggs and Green Mango Curry
31. Egg Moilee
32. Egg Potato Chops

1. Mixed Vegetable Vindaloo
2. Simple Potato Curry
3. Potato, Peas and Cauliflower Curry
4. Brinjal and Potato Vindaloo
5 Lady’s Fingers / Okra Curry
6. Snake Gourd / Serpent Gourd in Coconut Gravy
7. Drumstick and Potato Curry
8. Spinach and Potato Fry
9. Simple Vegetable Stew
10. Carrot Vichy (Glazed Carrots)
11. Vegetable Jalfrazie
12. Radish and Red Lentil (Masoor Dhal) Curry
13. Vegetarian Chops (Patties)
14. Potato, Beet and Carrot Chops (Patties)
15. Potato Croquettes / Rissoles
16. Railway Vegetable Cutlets
17. Simple Potato Cutlets
18. Dol (Dhal) and Greens Curry
19. Anglo-Indian Dol Mash (Dhal Mash)
20. Cabbage Foogath
21. Green’s Foogath
22. Beans and Carrot Foogath
23. Cauliflower Foogath
24. Fried Lady Fingers (Okra Fry)
25. Fried Bitter Gourd (Bitter Melon)
26. Simple Potato Fry
27. Fried Gherkins (Ivy Gourd / Gentlemen Toes)
28. Butter Fried Cauliflower
29. Green Banana Crispy Fry
30. Vegetable Marrow (Chow Chow) Foogath


1. Plain White Steamed Rice
2. Anglo-Indian Saffron Coconut Rice (Yellow Rice)
3. Pish Pash Rice or Mashed Rice
4. Simple Beef Palau
5. Mutton / Lamb Palau
6. Junglee Chicken Palau
7. Prawn Palau
8. Fish Palau
9. Egg Palau
10. Mixed Vegetable Palau
11. Fish and Boiled Eggs Kedgeree
12. Good Friday Rice Congee / Gruel


1 Brinjal Pickle (Egg Plant / Aubergine Pickle)
2. Mango Pickle (Hot and Sweet)
3. Lime Pickle (Sweet)
4. Goose Berry Pickle
5. Chicken Pickle
6. Fish Padda (Fresh Fish Pickle)
7. Salt Fish Pickle
8. Prawn Pickle
9. Pork Pickle
10. Meat Pickle
11. Sweet Mango Chutney Preserve
12. Devil Chutney (Hell’s flame chutney)
13. Palau Chutney or Curd Chutney
14. Tomato Chutney
15. Mint Chutney
16. Coriander and Coconut Chutney
17. Onion and Tomato Sambal
18. Sweet Mango Chutney
19. Peanut / Groundnut Chutney / Dip
20. White Sauce
21. Brown Sauce
22. Cheese Sauce
23. Homemade Mayonnaise
24. Homemade Sandwich Paste
25. Homemade Country Mustard

1. Roasted Whole Pepper Chicken
2. Whole Duck Roast
3. Turkey Roast with Stuffing
4. Spicy Roast Beef
5. Oven Pot Roast Meat
6. Roast Whole Leg of Lamb
7. Simple Anglo-Indian Pork Roast
8. Roasted Pork Spare Ribs
9. Baked Beef Steaks
10. Simple Baked Mutton / Lamb Chops
11. Steamed Meat Loaf
12. Baked Mince Loaf
13. Shepherd’s Pie
14. Washer-man’s Pie (Lamb Chops and Potato Pie)
15. Pork Mince Pie
16. Savoury Sausage Pie
17. Fisherman’s Pie – Simple Fish Pie
18. Grilled Whole Fish
19. Baked Fish with Cheese
20. Cheesy Potato and Peas Bake
21. Cheesy Cauliflower Bake
22. Spinach and Cheese Bake
23. Macaroni and Mince Casserole
24. Potluck Lamb / Mutton Casserole
25. Chicken Casserole
1. Sugary Fried Plantains
2. Plantain Fritters
3. Apple Fritters
4. Banana Coconut Fritters
5. Comlanga (Ripe Pumpkin Sweet Dish)
6. Vanilla Stewed Fruit
7. Poached Pears or Apples in Red Wine
8. Stewed Apricots in Rum
9. Stewed Apple in Brandy and Honey
10. Plain Custard
11. Caramel Custard
12. Coconut Custard
13. Chocolate Custard
14. Vanilla Blancmange
15. Strawberry Blancmange
16. Fresh Fruit Trifle
17. Trifle Sponge Pudding
18. Tipsy Trifle Pudding
19. Simple Milk Pudding
20. Roly Poly Pudding
21. Bread Pudding
22. Bread and Butter Pudding
23. Rice and Raisin Pudding
24. Bombay Pudding
25. Pineapple Embassy Pudding
26. Viceroy’s Banana Pudding
27. Rose Milk Pudding
28. Nutty Moss Pudding
29. Custard Cake
30. Jelabi Caramel Custard
31. Strawberry Flummery
32. Apple Grunt

1. Sausage Bites
2. Chicken and Capsicum on Toast
3. Chicken Liver on Toast
4. Ham and Cheese on Toast
5. Beef Mince on Toast
6. Baked Beans on Toast
7. Chicken Fritters
8. Cocktail Chicken Cutlets
9. Chicken Bread Rolls
10. Chicken Puffs
11. Chicken Patties
12. Chicken Rolls
13. Fried Chicken Drumsticks
14. Crumb Fried Chicken
15. Fried Chicken Chunks
16. Pepper Chicken Chunks
17. Black Pepper Chicken Wings
18. Spicy Chicken Wings
19. Mutton / Lamb / Beef Croquettes / Rissoles
20. Mutton / Beef Mince rolls
21. Mutton / Beef Mince Patties
22. Mutton / Lamb / Beef Cutlets
23. Cocktail Mutton / Beef Cutlets
24. Fish Cutlets
25. Fish Fritters
26. Fish Fingers
27. Fish Croquettes / Rissoles
28. Crispy Fried Fish Nuggets
29. Batter Fried Prawns
30. Spicy Fried Prawns
31. Grilled Prawns
32. Egg Fritters
33. Scotch Eggs
34. Egg Potato Chops
35. Egg Croquettes / Rissoles
36. Devilled Eggs
37. Vegetable Patties
38. Mixed Vegetable Puffs
39. Mixed Vegetable Croquettes / Rissoles
40. Potato Patties
41. Potato Chops
42. Onion and Spinach Fritters
43. Crispy Cauliflower Fritters
44. Cheese Straws
45. Chillie Cheese Sticks
46. Cheese Twists
47. Hot Mince Curry Puffs
48. Sweet Coconut Puffs
49. Panthras / Crumb Fried Mince Pan Rolls
50. Sweet Panthras / Crumb Fried Coconut Pan Rolls


1. Christmas Fruit Cake
2. Simple Plum Cake
3. Rich Plum Cake with Almond Icing
4. Traditional Christmas Cake with Royal Icing
5. Christmas Rum and Raisin Cake
6. Chocolate Yule Log Cake
7. Walnut Cake
8. Almond Brandy Cake
9. Old Fashioned Pound Cake
10. Butter Sponge Cake
11. Olden Days Seed Cake
12. Sponge Cake with Butter icing
13. Marble Cake
14. Dark Chocolate Cake
15. Rich Chocolate cake with Chocolate icing
16. Chocolate Rum Cake with Fresh Cream Topping
17. Homemade Chocolate brownies
18. Lemon Cake
19. Simple Coffee Cake
20. Coconut Cake
21. Mama’s Bole or Semolina / Soogi Cake
22. Semolina, Coconut and Raisin Cake
23. Banana and Walnut Cake
24. Matrimony Cake or Love Cake
25. Marmalade Roll


1. Traditional Christmas plum Pudding
2. Traditional Christmas Fruit Mince Pies
3. Kalkals / Kulkuls (Fried sweetened Balls of Dough)
4. Rose Cookies / Rosa Cookies
5. Marshmallows
6. Marzipan Sweets
7. Dodol / Dhol Dhol (Black Rice Halwa)
8. Doughnuts / Sweet Fritters
9. Bebica / Bevica
10. Guava Cheese
11. Coconut Sweets / Coconut Candy
12. Matrimony Sweet / Semolina Coconut Sweet
13. Groundnut Toffee / Peanut Brittle
14. Cashew nut Toffee
15. Milk Toffee
16. Chocolate Fudge
17. Chocolate Nutty Fudge
18. Chocolate Walnut Squares
19. Sugary Cashew nut Macaroons
20. Milk Dumplings

1. Grape wine
2. Ginger Wine
3. Mulled Wine / Hot Toddy
4. Beetroot Wine
5. Gooseberry Wine
6. Rice Wine

1. Basic Chillie Powder
2. Anglo-Indian Curry Powder
3. Pepper Water Powder
4. All Spice Powder (Garam Masala Powder)
5. Vindaloo Powder / Paste


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