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This dish got its name only because the pieces of chicken breasts used in its preparation were cut lengthwise and then flattened with a cleaver or Rolling Pin. The Chicken eventually looked as if it was flattened by a heavy object such as a “Steam Roller or Road Roller”.  This is a very subtly flavoured dish with only a hint of seasoning.


4 chicken breasts (skinless and boneless)

1 teaspoon pepper powder

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon dried or freshy chopped mint  or parsley flakes

Salt to taste

3 or 4 tablespoons butter or oil to fry

3 tablespoons plain flour

2 Eggs beaten

1 cup breadcrumbs

Slice each chicken breast with a large knife or cleaver horizontally, so that you get 8 pieces.

Flatten each piece with a mallet or rolling pin.

Season the flattened chicken with a little of the pepper powder, salt, paprika and keep aside for 15 minutes

Coat each piece of chicken breast with the flour and keep aside

Now season the breadcrumbs with the remaining pepper, salt, paprika, parsley / mint and any other seasoning that you like including some cheese powder

Heat the butter oil in a nonstick pan till nice and hot

Dip each piece of chicken in the beaten egg then coat well with the breadcrumbs.

Place each coated piece in the hot oil or butter and fry the chicken pieces on both sides on medium heat till tender and a nice golden colour

Serve with a nice salad or with any seasoned rice or bread.

(Alternately the chicken can be baked in an oven using the same recipe)